10 Best Unique Gifts for A Catholic Wedding

It is customary for invited wedding guests to bring a gift for the bride and groom. The gifts are usually presented to couples during the wedding reception, or you can send the gifts directly to their home if they request it. However, you need to have an idea of the type of gifts you can give to the newlyweds at a Catholic wedding.

So, what are the best unique gifts for a catholic wedding? The best unique gifts for a Catholic wedding include a Crucifix, Rosary, a Bible, bracelets, painting, Nativity Set, kitchen Cutting Board, bouquet, and a photo Album. Several things will influence your choice, from personal relationships with the bride and groom to the couple’s requests about wedding gifts. A gift is a meaningful gesture that shows the bride and groom that you are glad to share their happiness in celebrating their wedding. Hence, the gift that you will present to them may be unique to them and also enjoyable.

When you get that invitation to the wedding, ideas will flood your mind on what gift you should give the couple. You have to spend some time deliberating on the type of gift you will give the bride and groom. Read on to find out more about the best unique gifts for a catholic wedding, a detailed guide to selecting a perfect gift, and the things that influence us when selecting wedding gifts.

Guide To Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift

When choosing the perfect wedding gift, there are several things that you should take into consideration before making the final decision. The first is the budget, how much money you have, and how much you are willing to spend on the wedding gift.

You should choose a gift that is affordable and cost-effective. Do not go into debt because you want to please the bride and groom. But not select a very cheap item that makes you look like a miser. Set an amount that you are comfortable with and look for gifts that fall into that price range.

Most of the couples will have a website that has details of their wedding. On these websites, some couples will include a link to their wedding registry. A wedding registry could be at a retail store where the couple has prepared a list of preferred gifts for their wedding guests.

You can go through the list of desired gifts on the wedding registry and select the one that you believe is the best you can give to the couple. Some of the wedding registries have more details like prices and other guests’ gifts. Wedding registries help in reducing the chances of the couple receiving too many gifts of one specific type.

Sometimes cash can be the best gift you can give the couple. You may have looked at the wedding registry and see every item the couple requested has been selected by the other guests. Sometimes the couple may have most of the items regarded as the best wedding gifts leaving you with fewer options.

Giving cash to the bride and groom is one of the simplest wedding gifts. The couple can decide what to use the cash for instead of having an item they may not want. You should not hand the cash directly to them before the wedding, put the cash in an envelope and hand it to them during the wedding reception.

No gift can also be a wedding gift to the couple. Sometimes the bride and groom will request that the guests should not bring gifts for them. If they do not want gifts, you will be rude to disregard their request and show up with a gift. Honoring their request is the best gift you can give them. Some couples might request that you give it to the needy if you want to give a gift. You can donate to a charity in their name. You can also offer something intangible but sweet, like helping them with wedding preparations.

You can personalize the gift that you have chosen for the bride and groom. It can be a little challenging to find unique ways to personalize a wedding gift. It can be hard to know what a person needs at a particular time. Personalizing a gift depends on the relationship you have with the couple. A close relationship will make it easy for you to personalize the wedding gift. If you have known the couple for a few months, you might have to do some more research before personalizing the gift.

You have to make a personalized gift unique; it is the best way to show you are happy about their marriage wedding celebration. When they open or receive the gift, they should stand out from the rest of the gifts. For example, you can have their wedding vows turned into wall art for their house.

Not many guests will think of doing that hence making your personalized gift unique. If you cannot personalize the gift, you can simply add a card with a touching message for the couple. A simple card can make a gift, such as a coffee maker, feel more personal.

You can also include the gift receipt in the gift. Do not discard the receipt after purchasing unless you are sure the couple will keep the gift. Sometimes the couple may not like the gift; hence, no need to keep it and not use it. The couple can also receive many gifts of the same type. There is no need to have ten blenders in the house when only one blender can serve the family.

Including the gift receipt in the gift shows that the couple is not obligated to keep the gift. The couple will be free to exchange it with another item that they need. The couple can also return it and get cash, which they can use for other needs.

The couple needs to know that you will not be upset if they do not keep the gift you gave them. The gift receipt releases them from the burden of keeping too many of the same item or items they may never use.

A wedding gift can also be a service for the couple to enjoy; it does not need to be physical. You can arrange for the couple to enjoy a certain service or activity during their honeymoon. Inquire about the place they are going for their honeymoon and look up some of the activities they can do together. But before paying for that service or activity, consult with them about their honeymoon schedule and book the activity at the correct time.

Another important thing to consider is the appropriateness of the gift. You should be considerate of the couple’s religious practices and traditions. A religious catholic couple may not want secular objects; hence, always check with them or someone close to them on what is needed as a gift. If you include a card in the gift, make sure the message on it is appropriate.

If the wedding ceremony is canceled, the bride and groom are expected to return the gifts they had already received. Sometimes couples may not know about this rule or because they are dealing with a stressful moment forget to return the gifts. It is not appropriate for you to demand the gift back; if they do not send the gift back to you, just forget about it. If they choose to return it at a later date, it is also okay. 

You should also consider where to deliver a wedding gift. Sometimes guests will bring the gift to the wedding reception and give it to the couple. Other times guests can send the gifts directly to the couple’s home before the wedding.

Delivering the gift to their home cuts the transport costs they would have incurred if they moved the gifts from the reception venue to their home. If the gift you have selected is large, arrange to have it delivered to their home rather than taking it to the wedding reception.

They say that the gift does not count; it is the thought that counts. However, you have to think first before selecting the gift; hence, the amount of thought to put into the exercise will reflect on the gift itself.

Take your time and deliver the perfect present; no one wants a rushed present that you bought in a gas station shop on your way to the wedding. It is time to improve on your wedding gift-giving skills.

Remember that you are not under any obligation to give the couple a wedding gift. The main purpose the couple sent you that wedding invitation is to request your presence during their special day. They do not care what you will bring as a gift.

If you do not want to give them a gift, feel free to attend the wedding without a gift. If you do not make it to the wedding ceremony, you can send them a card with a congratulatory message.

10 Best Gifts for A Catholic Wedding

When a relative or friend gets engaged and invites you to their wedding, you will want to play some role in their special day. You can participate in making their day even more special by giving the best and unique wedding present. Here are some suggestions on the best gifts you can give a catholic couple;

1.   Crucifix

A crucifix is a well-known item in the catholic community. It is a symbol of love, and many catholic own a piece that they carry to church during mass. Others will hang it on the wall, doors, or bed frames at their homes. You can give the couple a crucifix before the wedding ceremony ends.

You can even request the bishop or priest to bless it before they take it home. There are different selections of the crucifix you can pick from and get the one you think suits the couple.

2.   Rosary

Rosary is another perfect gift for the couple. A catholic rosary necklace is a sacred item that is used during prayers. You can give them one rosary each or give them one rosary they will use as a family.

Since the rosary is a sacred item, it will depend on how close you are to the couple; if you are just co-workers with a little personal relationship, you do not need to give them a rosary. If you are a close friend or relative, then the rosary is among the best gifts you can give the bride and groom.

3.   Books

You can give the couple books as wedding gifts. They have to be a couple that loves to read books for you to consider getting them books as gifts for their wedding. Otherwise, the gift will be useless if they are not going to read the books.

You can select books of different topics relevant to their situation, such as inspiration books, educational books on marriage, and even cookbooks, among many others.

4.   The Bible

The Bible is the most important item a couple will need in their home. The Bible is the best book you can give them as they will use it for the rest of their marriage for prayers and worship. You can have the Bible personalized by engraving their names on the cover and select a unique cover for it.

You can also give the Bible to the priest to bless it during the wedding ceremony. The couple will cherish this gift forever because they will be using it forever, helping them grow spiritually. A close relationship with the couple is important when giving them a Bible as a gift.

5.   Bracelets

A carefully selected jewelry can never let you down as a wedding gift. Bracelets allow you to personalize the wedding gift. If you have the necessary skills, you can make them at home or visit a shop that makes them and customizes some for the bride and groom.

You can get the couple matching bracelets or just the bride, depending on their request. You can also have them engraved with their names, a scripture reading from the nuptial mass, or a simple message.

6.   Painting

You can give the couple wall art for their wedding. For example, there are very suggestions, such as painting with their names on it, an encouraging message about family or marriage, or a picture of Jesus Christ.

You can even give them more complex artwork like the last supper wall painting if they like art. You can also keep it simple by getting them a wall art of their wedding vows and their wedding ceremony’s date.

7.   Nativity Set

A nativity set is a special exhibition of art objects representing several scenes from the Bible. The exhibitions can include the birth of Jesus, the last supper, among others. The most common nativity set is the birth of Jesus that many Christians display at their homes during the Christmas period.

You can give the couple a nativity set as a gift for their wedding. It is a thoughtful gift as they will be setting it up during the Christmas holiday, making it a family activity.

8.   Kitchen Cutting Board

A lot of wedding gifts are usually kitchen items. So you have to be careful not to select a thing that the couple might receive more than once. To make the kitchen cutting board unique, you will have to personalize it. You can have it engraved with their names, a bible verse, or an image, depending on your knowledge of what the couple prefers.

Personalizing the kitchen cutting board ensures that your gift stands out from the rest that might just be plain-looking.

9.   Bouquet

Colorful flowers will brighten up any room and can make a couple feel at home in their new house. A unique wedding gift has to elicit some emotional response from the couple regardless of how simple it is. A bouquet of flowers might not cost a lot compared to other gifts, but it shows the couple how much you care about them.

The gift does not need to be on the same day as the wedding; you can wait for them to come back from the honeymoon and have flowers delivered.

10. Photo Album

The bride and groom will take several photos during their wedding ceremony and reception. They may choose to print out these photos and keep them someplace nice hence the photo album gift. Getting them a personalized wedding photo album is a great idea. You can also include some of the pictures you took yourself during the wedding. It will be nice for the couple to find some photos taken by their friend or relative.

The best and unique wedding gift to give a catholic couple is the Bible. The Bible is the foundation of their faith in the catholic church; hence, having one at their home is the best gift. Personalizing the gift by having it engraved also makes it more special to them.

A catholic family always has a family Bible that they use together during prayers and worship. They will store it together with the rosary in a special place. Giving them a Bible ensures that the couple continues to have their faith in the catholic church.

What Influences Wedding Gift Choices

Several things influence a person’s choice when selecting a wedding gift. The first one is a personal relationship with the couple. If you have a personal relationship with the couple, your gift needs to be personal or portray your relationship with them.

For example, if you are the aunt to the bride and watched her grow from a young age to her starting her own family. Your gift should have some personal connection to that long relationship you have with her. If you used to go to church together, you can get her a rosary necklace or a bible.

If you do not have a personal relationship with the couple, you can still attend the wedding and give them a present. You can check the couple’s wedding registry, find something the couple needs, purchase it, and send it to the couple.

If the bride or groom is a coworker, sometimes people come together and present a joint wedding gift. You can chip in and help purchase that joint wedding gift for the couple. However, you are not under any obligation to give a gift if you feel the relationship does not warrant you purchasing a gift.

A couple’s preference will determine the wedding gift they receive. After spending some time with a person, you are bound to know some of the personal preferences—the things they like and enjoy doing and the things they hate.

Suppose the couple loves the outdoors and goes hiking or camping a few times a year. You can select a gift that fits that particular activity. Get them a new camping tent or hiking gear. If the couple is religious and traditional, you can get them an appropriate gift and not something that you will give to an easy-going secular couple.

Society traditions also influence the types of gifts guests to choose for the bride and groom. Different societies have different ways of giving wedding gifts to the couple. In American society, wedding gifts are mostly physical items that a person can wrap and write their name on.

Many people are now even giving cash as a gift, as the practice of opening a cash registry for the wedding becomes more popular. If the community around you likes to give cash as a wedding gift, you will be influenced to make the same decision. If the community gives physical items, you will be influenced to go shopping for some wedding gifts.

Your personal choices can also influence your wedding gift choices. You may have a different perspective on gift giving; hence, you might make choices based on those perspectives when invited to a wedding. Some people do not like giving and receiving gifts; therefore, they usually opt not to do so when they can give a gift.

If you do not believe in gift-giving, then you can just write a card with a congratulatory message for the bride and groom. Others love gift-giving, and when an opportunity to give a gift arises, they will do their best to get the perfect gift. You can go to great lengths to provide the couple with an ideal wedding gift.

The duration you have spent known to the couple also influences your wedding gift choices. The longer you have known the couple, the more time you will spend selecting their wedding gift. If the groom is your best friend since childhood, you will take more time selecting his wedding gift. If you have known the couple for a few months, then the time spent on choosing their wedding gift will be considerably short.

The need to maintain a personal relationship with the couple will also influence your choice of wedding gifts. Gift giving is a matter of personal preference; however, you would want the gift to help continue your relationship with the couple when you decide to give the gift.

A couple can differentiate a hurriedly selected gift from a well thought out gift. If you are a close relative or friend to the bride or groom and bring a hastily picked present, the couple may be disappointed in you. They may not want to associate with a person that does not value their relationship. Sometimes people spend a lot of time selecting gifts to ensure that the relationship between them and the recipients stays strong.

Mending relationships will also influence the type of gift you will give to the wedding couple. You may not be on good terms with either the bride or groom before the wedding, and there is no opportunity to mend your relationship.

The bride or groom is busy with wedding preparations to solve other issues that do not concern the wedding. You can use this opportunity to mend your relationship with them by giving them a perfectly selected gift. You can repair your relationship with the bride or groom by showing how much you care through the wedding gift.


When invited to a catholic wedding, you might be wondering about the type of wedding gift you should give the couple. Several suggestions work perfectly when selecting a wedding gift for a Catholic couple. The Bible is the best choice you can give to ca catholic couple, but you need a close relationship with them to give them such a present. If the couple is not that religious, you can opt for non-religious gifts such as kitchen wares and wall arts.

Before making that decision to select a wedding gift, you have to consider several issues. You need to know what you can afford if the couple wants gifts for their wedding and personalizing wedding gifts, among others. Budgeting is important because you need to spend the amount you can afford as not to get into debt. So, the next time you are invited to a wedding, take some time to think of the perfect gift you want to give the couple.

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